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treelinedpathLife coaching: feel happy and whole again

Blindly following the path you, your parents or your friends expected you to take means you’ve long suppressed your dreams.

You’ve climbed the career ladder, drowning out your feelings by working harder and longer hours. Now you feel like you’re just going through the motions. You’re miserable and distracted at work and at home and your joyless mood is starting to affect your partner and kids.

You’ve got so much materially you feel guilty about wanting more from life. But something has to change.

Now’s the time to access who you really are. Together we’ll explore your limiting beliefs and fears and free you from the pressure of others’ expectations. You’ll remember what you used to love and discover what makes you feel happy and whole. You’ll set goals, achieve them and start living the life you want, not the life you’ve got.

Learn more about working with me then drop me an email and let’s start the process of reclaiming your life.

Skills audit: it’s time for you to shine

Feeling like you don’t have any marketable skills? No idea what you even like doing anymore?

Using and building on so-called “motivated skills” (skills you love using) leads to job satisfaction, so it’s wise to know what they are. Through my skills audit we can work to find the skills you use well, your ideal working environment and core work values.

It’s time to smash your limiting beliefs and remember what makes you feel alive. Let’s create a plan of action and get you the role, career and life that will make you truly happy.

Skills audit coaching is ideal if you’re considering a mid-life career change. Contact me today to find out more.

Work life balance coaching: get the best of both worlds

You’re worn out, racing to keep still; putting in the hours working and never seeing your kids, family or friends. You work harder than everyone else you know but still fear that you’re not working hard enough. Your partner and kids complain you’re distracted when you’re with them but the person that’s suffering the most is you. You want a way out – but how?

Contact me today to arrange your free two hour no obligation coaching conversation, and let’s get you back on track to a fulfilling and happy life.